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I’ve been invited to a pre-recorded video interview, where do I go for help? (Candidates)

We’ve put together a series of great articles on how to rock your video interview. (learn more)

Does Wepow integrate with my applicant tracking system?

Wepow’s API allows us to easily integrate with applicant tracking systems, assessment tools and other HR software. We are currently integrated with Oracle Taleo, iCIMS, SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, and Avature. Additional ATS integrations are being added all the time.

Where does Wepow video interviewing fit into my process?

Video interviews can be used for just about every step of your recruitment process. Clients most often use Wepow’s pre-recorded video interviewing to replace the initial phone screen. Wepow’s Live video interviewing solution is often used to expand recruitment efforts across geographical areas and reduce travel cost. We’re seeing exciting, creative use cases every day. Here are just a few of them. (learn more)

How is Wepow different from Skype or other web conferencing tools?

Skype and other similar web conferencing solutions require real-time communication while Wepow offers pre-recorded (on-demand) interviews in addition to live video interviewing. Wepow also provides a consistent, branded experience that ensures all your candidates are responding to the same questions and are given the same engaging experience. (learn more)

Does video interviewing promote discrimination?

Absolutely, not! In fact, Wepow’s pre-recorded video interviewing solution helps create consistency and transparency in the hiring process. Here is how:

  • Creates a level-playing field or candidates through structured interviews.
  • Holds hiring managers and recruiters accountable for their hiring decisions.
  • Ensures good record keeping practices for the recruiting process Learn more about how video interviews are compliant with HR policies. (learn more)

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