Engage candidates with your brand story

A positive candidate experience is our priority

Personalized interview invitations

Give your candidates the personal touch. Just like with any special event, personalized invitations containing your brand will help candidates feel welcomed.

Candidate messaging

Keep candidates close and gain their trust early in the recruitment process. Through a simple click, you'll be able to use our messaging platform to provide a unique and personal experience by quickly and directly communicating with each candidate.

Branded sites with company videos

We help candidates become familiar with your organization and company culture through fully branded sites. Humanize the candidate journey and create an engaging experience by sharing authentic video content.


Candidates can practice and prepare in a safe environment, before taking an interview. Preparation boosts candidate confidence, reduces anxiety, and allows them to shine.


Taking interviews with Wepow is fun. Our easy to use platform provides a positive experience that can't be replicated by a phone interview. Record video questions from your hiring team. You have the flexibility to decide how open and diverse each interview will be. No complicated software installs or sign-in's required. Candidates can personally "meet" with you at their own convenience.


Support is just a click away. Your candidates have access to personalized support throughout the interview experience. We are here to help.

"I really liked the way the questions were recorded videos. I have done other video interviews where they are just written and this felt more personal.

I feel the video interview is more personal because it gives the hiring personnel the ability to see me answer questions, my body language, etc., which can't be done during a phone interview."

Anonymous Candidate