Why Mobility can Help in Retaining Talent

Growth is a natural part of life and we make it our missions to seek it in various ways whether it be through education, athletics, or career. It helps us feel fulfilled as well as assuring us that we’re heading in the right direction and are on the pathway to success. In terms of career, growth is incredibly important. People see their careers as extensions of themselves and need to feel like they’re excelling in the area that takes up a considerable portion of their lives if not, they’ll become less engaged and will be looking for fulfillment elsewhere. That’s why you should make it clear to your employees that upward mobility is not only possible but very attainable as long as they put in the effort and put their best foot forward each and every day.

The best way you can do this is by actively promoting from within whenever you have the opportunity as well as mentioning open positions within your organization that you feel like certain employees would be a good fit for. When employees see the mobility happening right in front of them, it makes them more comfortable knowing that they’re with an organization that genuinely cares about their growth as an individual.

Spotting High-Value Employees 

Spotting High-Value Employees

One of the best ways of effectively promoting from within is by training yourself, as well as your managers, to spot a high-value employee. A high-value employee is defined as someone that goes above and beyond their job description to assure that the company’s goals get met, as well as taking the time to help other team members and suggesting creative solutions to issues that occur. You should track their performance as well so that you’re assured that they’ve mastered the concepts necessary to move up in the role. Seeing a hardworking employee move up in the ranks will also motivate your other employees to put in more effort so that they too can have an opportunity to be promoted.

Make Learning Opportunities readily available to Employees

Another great way to encourage growth is by offering plenty of opportunities for your employees to learn new skills that will increase their efficiency as well as strengthening their ability to transition smoothly into a higher up position. Some ideas include paying for them to visit different conferences within their field, paying for them to receive online certificates and classes, and even funding lessons that can help them learn another language.

Your company keeps its investment  

Whether you’re aware of it or not, one of the biggest investments that you’re company ever makes is investing in each and every employee you have working for you. In many cases, people come to your company with zero knowledge of your industry and are coached from the ground up by your managers and other staff. You dedicated time, money, and plenty of other resources, so why let a competitor come in and swipe your hard-earned talent?

Make the most of your investments and analyze each employee on their potential for future growth. If not, you may see them using your own strategies against you by taking your knowledge to one of your direct competitors.

Develop your Management Training program

Develop your Management Training program

How often have you gone over how successful you are at training your management trainees? Companies often make the mistake of not building a drawn-out program and instead relying on their managers to provide advice wherever they can. This can lead to confusion as well as a lack of a solid foundation for your trainees to build on.

Here are some tips for building an effective management trainee program:

You benefit from a shorter learning curve

You benefit from a shorter learning curve

Why wait for someone from the outside to come in and take weeks or months to fully understand your systems before they can begin to have an impact when you already have people on the inside who are able to do it in much less time. They are well aware of what the job entails and already have a working relationship with everyone on the team.


With the high costs of replacing an employee, it’s in your best interest to do whatever you can to keep your employees at your company. One avenue of achieving this is by showing them that they’re valued members of your workforce and are able to qualify for upward mobility. Implement some of the strategies mentioned in this piece in your own company to help increase your levels of employee retention.