What you can Learn from How Brands like Facebook & Google attract their College Talent

It’s no secret that certain companies get the cream of the crop in terms of job candidates just through name recognition. Apple, Facebook, Google & Tesla are just a few examples of companies that never have to worry about not having enough people applying to open positions, not only that, but they will expect and receive the highest level candidates for the role. That said, it doesn’t mean that they get to completely skip out on typical recruiting procedures like every other company. While name recognition can get you far, you still want to work to ensure that you’re not missing out on any valuable talent that ends up being picked up by one of your competitors. Which is why companies like Facebook & Google go so far to ensure that they bring in talented college students. The innovation that drives their brand power is also used to build strategies for their college recruitment methods, so companies can learn a lot by examining their methods. Here are some examples of how the big guys go about their college recruitment.

Searching for Diverse Backgrounds

Searching for Diverse Backgrounds

Tech giants know that you’ll need a lot of out-of-the-box type of thinking if you don’t want to get left behind in this industry where things move very quickly. When you make the mistake of building a workforce that is mostly homogeneous, you pay the price by having a team that tends to think and act the same. Which makes it difficult to come up with solutions to complex problems as well as discovering strategies that you’re competitors aren’t using yet.  Here are some other benefits of a diverse workplace that you may be unaware of:

A study by McKinsey found that companies with diverse executive boards had a 95% higher return on equity then brands with a less diverse executive board. This goes to show that diversity is just as effective at the highest levels of your company.

Get a better understanding of your customers

The best way to grab a larger audience is if you have people on your team that understand how to talk to them. By making diversity a focus right at the beginning with your college recruitment, you’re sure to build a solid pipeline of diverse talent that will prove beneficial whenever you’re in a position where you need an outside perspective.

As fun as hiring is, you want to make it easier on your recruiters by having an employer brand that is known for its inclusivity. When candidates are scouring through your social media looking to find anything they can regarding your brand, you’ll score some major points when they see pictures of your staff. The candidates will feel more at ease and will be more likely to pursue a position with your organization.

A perfect example of a large brand taking steps to secure diversity within their college recruits can be seen in Facebook’s Facebook University program. The program was made specifically to offer a hands-on internship program to students from underrepresented communities and gives them the chance to gain experience in areas relating to engineering, analytics, product design, operations, as well as marketing.

While you don’t have to go to the extent of offering an entirely different program for students from underrepresented groups, you should aim to recruit from schools that are commonly looked over as well as target students that don’t fit the mold of your typical employee. If you’re having trouble finding students in your area that qualify as diverse, try expanding your search with the use of video interviewing software that allows you to carry out in-depth job interviews with candidates all over the country. To learn more, take a look at Wepow’s features here.

Focus on soft skills

Focus on soft skills

They are college students, while you may prefer to bring someone in that has some experience under their belt, that will be pretty difficult when they’re fresh out of school. To get around their lack of real-world experience, try focusing on their soft skills instead. Not only will it give you the chance to see a side of the candidate that you never would have previously, but you’ll be taking a page straight from Google’s handbook.

A Washington Post column found that after Google did some deep research on their hiring algorithms, they found that soft skills were actually more determinant in a candidate’s success than their hard technical skills. To be exact, the top seven qualities that guarantee a successful career at Google are all soft skills. They are:

  1. Communicating and listening well
  2. Being a good teacher
  3. Having insights into how people think
  4. Having empathy towards colleagues and peers
  5. Critical thinking skills
  6. Good problem-solving skills
  7. Being able to make connections across complex ideas

When you’re deep in the process of finding eligible college talent, try to look for cues on their resume that they have strong soft skills like being able to communicate effectively and efficiently as well as looking for any past experiences in helping to coach people. Also, through a platform of video interviews, you are able to get a first-hand account of how they communicate. The best part is you don’t even have to go through the hassle of scheduling a one-on-one interview with each candidate, just send the interview off for them to complete at their convenience.

Last thoughts

Recruiting out of college can be tough, but if companies like Facebook & Google are able to find a way then so can you. Go through both of the methods mentioned above and come up with how you can implement them within your own organization.