What Recruiting teams can do with their Leftover Budget

You and your hiring team have worked hard all year to find the best possible candidates for your company’s open roles and have done so without burning through your allotted resources. While staying under budget is always an impressive feat, it also means that your company will take this as evidence that your team didn’t need the budget which can lead to a much smaller budget the next year due to many companies utilizing a “use it or lose it” policy in regards to the amount of money their departments receive.

This can hurt you, not because you won’t have money to spend on things you eventually won’t even use, but because there are always new software tools being released that can be the key to solving your problems. To help you with figuring out which tools you can spend your leftover budget on that can make the lives easier for you and your recruiters, we are going to list a number of these tools to help narrow down your list.

  1. Zenefits


If you’re not already using Zenefits, then you’re doing your HR department and your entire company a great disservice. Zenefits is an all-in-one HR solution that’s equipped with all of the essentials for running an efficient process for employee onboarding along with managing your HR functions. Zenefits works to simplify your HR workload by:

The best part of Zenefits is that since it combines so many useful tools and platforms, you’ll be able to stop using a number of your other platforms which can save you money in the long run. To learn more regarding the pricing for Zenefits to see if you can fit it within your budget, click here.

  1. BambooHR


If your company is considered an SMB, then this next software is going to be right up your alley. BambooHr is an HR software solution that helps get rid of your piles of paperwork by storing it electronically so you never have to worry about whether or not an employee forgot to sign an NDA or other types of necessary documents for work. BambooHR is built to make the following easier for your HR department as well as your employees:

To view, the price plans for BambooHr click here to get in contact with them directly.

  1. Workable


What point is it to have a refined HR system if you’re still not able to effectively recruit candidates? With Workable, you’ll be given a powerful applicant tracking system for sourcing and managing candidates with an easy to manage interface that your employees can use with ease.

Applicant Tracking System

Workable comes with a recruiting dashboard that provides you with an accurate view of your hiring status along with an up-to-date view of every job in your hiring pipeline so you can hire at scale much more effectively and efficiently. You’re able to filter your jobs by location, department, as well as pinning the most important jobs to the top of the page. The dashboard also makes it easy to:

Recruiting Software

Workable also provides an effective all-in-one recruiting solution for job posting and candidate sourcing that allows you to evaluate passive job candidates much faster than before. Features include:

Click here to view their pricing tiers to see if it can fit within your left-over budget.

  1. Wepow


How much time are you spending playing phone tag with candidates just to schedule an in-person interview? How about the time you spend having to conduct the interviews themselves? I’m willing to bet it’s a good amount of time that you’d prefer to spend on other tasks.

Using Wepow’s video interviewing platform, you’ll be able to let candidates schedule their own time for when they’d like to conduct their interview so you don’t have to worry about finding a free spot on your calendar. Along with that, candidates can record their responses at any time, anywhere, so you know you’re seeing them at their best. Since they’re recording video responses, you’ll also be able to expand the reach of your job search to candidates who otherwise wouldn’t be able to come in for an in-person interview. Also, since you know that all of your candidates are receiving the same questions, you can be assured that no implicit biases are affecting your decision.

Closing thoughts

With the year coming to a close, I’m sure many of you are scrambling to figure out what you can spend the last of your budget on that can increase the functionality of your HR department. Take a look at the software platforms mentioned above to give you a headstart regarding what you should spend the last bit of your budget on.