What MBA Graduates Look for In Employers How to Assure your Company Attracts the Best

While a Bachelor’s degree is great for getting a headstart in the job market, a Master’s degree is useful for elevating someone’s career to the next level. This is because they provide a number of benefits to those that pursue them and, in turn, become much more valuable in the job market.

Some of the benefits for someone that completes an MBA include:

But MBA grads aren’t the only ones that are benefitting from their new skills and knowledge base. Here are some ways in which the employer will also benefit from having MBA grads in their workforce.

As you can see MBAs not only benefit the candidates but the employers they work for as well. Which is why your company needs to be taking steps to assure that they’re building an organization that would be deemed attractive to candidates with MBAs. To make sure that you’re aware of the strategies that are best for building a company that MBA grads would want to work for, take a look at the tips and strategies below.

  1. Offer a First Class Recruitment experience

Offer a First Class Recruitment experience

They won’t know how awesome it is to work for your company unless they end up taking the job in the first place. So until then, you’re going to have to show them how well your company treats its employees by having a recruitment experience that is second to none. This way, you immediately set yourselves apart from the companies that treat their candidates like just another resume.

Your first step is to use video interviews in the initial stages of your process before the actual in-person interview, this is because video interviews will demonstrate that your company is on the cutting edge of technology and uses the most practical software tools. Not only that but video interviews makes it convenient for your candidates because it allows them to record their responses to questions at whatever time they like, whenever they feel the most up to completing it. This sets the tone for the entire relationship and lets the candidate know that this employer will put the interests of their employees first. To learn more on how video interviews can strengthen your brand and lead to a stronger pool of talent, click on this link to learn about Wepow Video Interviewing.

  1. Optimize for Mobile

Optimize for Mobile

MBA grads are just like everyone else, in that they spend the majority of their online time through their mobile devices. In fact, about 77% of adults in America are now own a smartphone and it only makes sense that they will use it when searching for a new job.

That’s why you need to be assured that your careers page is optimized for mobile as well as ensuring that all of your job ads appear right on mobile devices. Make sure that you are constantly checking your careers page so you know it looks nice on smartphones and tablets, as well as double checking the job ads that you’ve posted on any third party job sites.

Although it may seem like a small move, you’ll stand out from your competitors during the initial research process that the candidates conduct when they’re visiting your website for the first time and analyzing your brand. So make sure that you get with your developers and ensure that your careers page, as well as your company’s site, is optimized for mobile.

  1. Offer a better work/life balance

Offer a better work:life balance

Undergraduates are typically in their early to mid-twenties and usually don’t have many outside obligations that they need to be hyper-concerned with. This is why many companies can get away with offering a less than stellar work/life balance to their fresh college grads. MBA graduates, on the other hand, are in their late twenties/ early thirties and have families, serious relationships, as well as a number of other obligations they must be considerate of. That’s why offering a compensation package that includes an attractive work/life balance is key to recruiting the best MBA grads. Specifically, this means offering plenty of vacation days as well as a generous sick/ celebration day policy. Not only that, but you’ll also want to include an insurance plan that looks out for the families of your employees.

  1. Offer a clear path of advancement

Offer a clear path of advancement

All those valuable leadership skills that MBA grads worked so hard to obtain while they were in school would go to waste if there was no way for them to advance in their roles. Which is why providing a clear route of how they can expect to advance is so important for attracting the best MBA grads.

Not to say that you should guarantee a promotion at the interview, just to speak about real-world opportunities that are out there within your company and how employees in the past have risen within the ranks.

  1. Strong compensation

Strong compensation

It goes without saying but needs to be said regardless, MBA graduates are going to look for higher salaries after coming out of school. It’s stated as one of the most important reasons why people get a masters in the first place and those with a Masters typically make $17,000 more annually when compared to those with just a Bachelors.

While many MBA grads may have been able to get free tuition, they still had to miss out on a chunk of their prime earning years and need a higher salary to make up for it.

Wrapping thoughts

MBA graduates aren’t like the usual candidate, they have proven their will to succeed through educational attainment and will bring over a wealth of skills, networks, and work ethic to your company. The only way you can reap these benefits is if you’re able to recruit them in the first place. Figure out how to implement the tips above into your own company as well as speaking with your recruiters on how to properly explain the benefits of working for your company to an MBA grad.