Are video interviewers at higher risk for discrimination lawsuits?
Potential adopters are concerned that the cost reduction and hiring efficiency benefits of virtual interviewing must be balanced by a downside. Well, WePow has done our homework and found that compliance violations and discrimination do not come inherently with video interviewing. Using video as part of your interactive recruitment process is no more dangerous than checking out someone’s picture on LinkedIn or making a hiring decision after meeting someone face to face.

For starters, Carol R. Miaskoff, Assistant Legal Counsel of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a letter stating that virtual or video interviews are not inherently discriminatory. Clients must structure their recruitment and selection process to be nondiscriminatory and consistently focused on qualifications regardless of technology used. When using video screening tools, the EEOC recommends proactive education of the hiring teams about the selection criteria they should use when viewing and evaluating candidates, as well as involving multiple parties in review of video responses so that the team judgment is less vulnerable to bias.

Here are a few ways that using WePow’s video interviewing can actually increase recruitment compliance and reduce risk of hiring discrimination:

Meanwhile, candidates are protected with safeguards at every turn. Our privacy policy and terms of service are simple and easy to understand. There’s never a “gotcha!” moment where the candidate feels caught off-guard or exposed. Practice interviews, employer-branded experiences, and intuitive user experience all ensure that your candidate is ready and willing to participate in your virtual interview.

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