The Most Effective Strategies for Strengthening your Employer Brand through Storytelling

As a hiring manager or recruiter, employer brand is what you live by. It’s the only way to attract the high-quality candidates you need to fill in those difficult positions that end up sapping most of your resources and time. That said, it can be difficult trying to sustain a quality brand when you’re busy working on other tasks. Along with that, there are many strategies out there that it can be confusing figuring out which would be most effective. One tool that has proven to sustain a number of brands is storytelling and having people develop a connection with your employer brand.

When you examine most marketing strategies in the present day, you’re met with a wave of messages trying to get you to have an emotional bond with whatever product or service they’re pitching. For example, a commercial with a man riding through the woods trying to sell Jeeps or a restaurant chain making you laugh with characters or mascots that you associate with their brand. They’re meant to get you invested in a way that keeps you coming back as well as spreading the word to people close to you. Which is similar to how it works for employer brands, you want candidates to jump at the chance to join your organization similar to how companies like Facebook and Google have been able to. This blog will detail proven strategies that have been used to strengthen employer brands through the use of storytelling.

  1. Be Authentic

Be Authentic

No matter how good you are at painting a perfect picture regarding your brand, you have to be able to back it up with actual proof. Without it, the secret will eventually come out and you’ll lose all credibility. This is especially true with platforms like Glassdoor that air out all the dirty secrets about what it’s really like to work for a company. The best way to do this is by fixing your presentation on social media and giving real social proof in the form of actual employees explaining their experiences with your brand with short videos that are uploaded to all of your pages.

This way, people can get a sneak peek into what it’s really like to work there along with getting the chance to have your best possible spokespeople, your employees, explain what they like about working there. It is also good to figure out your brand’s strongest selling points by listening to what your employees have to say about what they like the most.

  1. Provide Detail, Don’t be Vague

People want to know exactly what you’re talking about when you’re talking about your employer brand, anything else and they’ll be quick to brush off your message. Work on this by having your stories revolve around a single element of your brand rather than just saying your company is a good place to work. For example, talking about how your employer is willing to offer people remote work options or how great your benefits package is. You want to be as specific as you can so that they’re able to make a direct connection with your brand.

  1. Practical Advice

Practical Advice

In order for your message to really drive home, you’ll want it to contain some actionable advice so that people can get something out of it and understand where you’re coming from. This involves addressing how candidates are able to apply for positions as well as checking to see if positions are open. The most common strategy is to leave a link on your videos or posts to your company’s careers page or LinkedIn page.

  1. Make it a Narrative

One of the most important parts of any story is the arc, or in other words, an actual story. This can come in the form of employees speaking about what makes working for their current company better than any companies they’ve worked for in the past. Another way is to highlight your company’s growth opportunities by speaking with employees who have moved up the ranks over the years. Get the employee to talk about their position when they originally got to the company, compared to where they are now.

  1. How will they Grow

How will they Grow

People don’t want to stay complacent in their roles or their skills, they want their next employer to help push them to the next level of their career. Build your brand up to be the bridge that gets them to where they want to be. The best way to do this is by demonstrating how much your company has grown along with where you eventually want it to be.

Closing thoughts

Attracting the best candidates means crafting the most effective message that resonates with candidates and causes them to care deeply for your brand. Put in the effort to infuse the benefits of storytelling into your employer brand, and reap the advantages of higher quality candidates.