HR Tech Companies Founded by Women & People of Color

It’s no secret, most people are painfully aware of the lack of diversity that exists within the Tech industry. Not only that, but Tech is often heralded as a counter to traditional industries and the normal way of doing things, and unfortunately the data shows that it’s executive positions are still predominately dominated by white men. To make it worse, the percentage of diversity in Tech is actually lower than the percentage found in other industries. To learn more regarding the topic of diversity and inclusion within Tech, click here to be taken to a video that goes in-depth regarding the topic.

While these statistics can be discouraging to women and people of color looking to break into the industry, the Tech field isn’t necessarily filled with nothing but bad news. There are a number of people making the decision to not accept the cards that were given to them and to, instead, pave their own path and provide the opportunities that weren’t given to them. While they may not be as well-known as Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, that doesn’t change the fact that they deserve their own recognition for taking steps to fix the problems existing in their industries. In this blog, we’ll be highlighting the women & people of color out there that are making serious changes in the HR Tech field by founding their own companies. Continue reading as we speak of them as well as their products.

  1. Atipica


This Latina-led start-up was begun by Laura Gomez and works to take the bias out of recruiting by combining artificial and human intelligence to produce hard data that gives companies an idea of who the person is behind the resume. Atipica gets around the human bias aspect found in many systems by thinking of inclusive AI in terms of data science, algorithms, as well as their ethical implications. This ensures that their systems aren’t replicating the biases of humans that hinder diversity in your talent pool. Their system focuses on the skills that matter the most to the job at hand, so employers are more confident that the candidate they choose is truly the best one for the job.

  1. Teamable


Started by Laura Bilazarian, Teamable helps organizations in their growth stage make the most of an often underutilized tool for their growth, employee referrals. They focus on employee referrals for the following reasons:

They are looking to revolutionize the way that businesses tackle their recruiting with a tool that’s able to match candidates from your network to open positions.

  1. Ideal

Ideal was founded by Somen Mondal and uses artificial intelligence to analyze valuable candidate information such as resumes, chatbot conversations, assessments and performance data. Ideal then combines this knowledge with automation to increase your quality of hire, slash turnover and reduces bias.

  1. Lever


Lever is a collaborative recruiting platform founded in 2012 by Sarah Nahm and combines ATS and CRM functionality to proactively engage the best talent, streamline your interview process, and make data-driven decisions regarding your candidates. It also comes with a custom careers page, a number of time-saving tools, robust candidate profiles, as well as user access controls to ensure your confidential information stays confidential.

  1. Jopwell

The leading career advancement platform for students and professionals of color, Jopwell was founded by Porter Braswell & Ryan Williams and assists companies with their diversity recruitment, marketing, and retention efforts at scale.

  1. The Muse

The Muse

Founded by Kathryn Minshew, The Muse is a career development platform that helps companies attract and engage the best emerging talent by telling a more authentic and compelling employer story. They aim to make the entire process from job search to career development more fulfilling.

  1. WayUp

Founded by Liz Wessel, WayUp is a platform that empowers early career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers. In doing so, they’ve helped students cover the cost of college tuition, recent grads get their start in industries they never thought they could break into, and many others discover opportunities they wouldn’t have known about before.

  1. Wepow


Why limit your candidate search to whoever’s in your immediate area when you can interview any candidate across the world with the click of a button? Not only that but how many hours a week are your recruiters’ spending going back & forth with candidates just to schedule an interview? I’m willing to guess it’s way too much. This is where Wepow comes in.

Started by Imo Udom, Wepow provides a video interviewing platform that is able to reduce your time to fill a position, engage your candidates, improve satisfaction among your hiring managers, as well as lower your cost per hire.

You’ll be able to record a video on behalf of your company that asks candidates any and all questions you need to know the answers to, as well as give you the opportunity to insert tidbits regarding your company so the candidate has a better understanding of your brand. The candidate will also be able to record their responses whenever they are most up to do it, so you’ll get the chance to examine the candidate at their best.

Another benefit is that all of your candidates are receiving the same structured interview and are being asked the same questions, which greatly helps in reducing the biases found in the interviewing and hiring process. Click here to read more regarding the removal of hidden biases thanks to the Wepow platform.

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Last thoughts

While the number of women & people of color working in Tech may be lacking, the companies above are proof that anything is possible when you’re willing to pave your own path. Make sure to check out the websites for each of the companies to learn more about them and what they provide.