Here at Wepow, we believe that two is much more than just a number. To us, it is representative of partnerships, especially those we create with our clients. It also represents collaboration, particularly among our talented team members.

Two can mean a relationship, it can mean a team, it can mean a community, it can mean love.

Our two core communities at Wepow include our internal community of professionals who work to make our platform better each and every day, as well as our external community of clients who want to deliver the best experience to their candidates through Wepow’s platform. These two communities are the reason why, when we decided to update our Wepow brand to better reflect who we are and what we are becoming, we knew we had to incorporate the element and essence of “two.”

We are pleased to share the results of our design team, who worked tirelessly with us to develop a new logo that contains that all-important element of two. The Wepow logo incorporates two checkmarks shaped into a “W” to represent the significance of our internal and external communities. The communication, collaboration and engagement between these two communities is what defines our brand and makes us who we are. While acknowledging Wepow’s core strengths, the friendly, approachable style of the new logo demonstrates our willingness to improve, grow and maintain these communities.

Throughout the design process, we paid close attention to ensuring that the new logo also reflected the uniqueness and diversity that we value as a company. By creating a logo whose individual elements are equal in height, we illustrated our commitment to bias-free hiring practices. In addition, with the continuation of the circular shape around the “W,” we are maintaining the essence of our previous logo while underscoring the importance we place on our relationships with our core communities. We believe our new logo truly demonstrates the future we envision for Wepow.

In addition to the unveiling of our new Wepow brand, we are equally as excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website, This new site will offer our current and prospective clients easier access to the detailed information they need to make an informed decision about their interview technology options. With updated navigation and creative icons, the website better showcases the many benefits of the Wepow platform, including helping organizations identify talent faster while reducing recruitment costs.

We are thrilled with the results of our team’s hard work, and we invite you to explore the new site to learn more about what Wepow has to offer. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions about how we can continue to improve our site, our service and our platform.  Share your input with us on twitter @goWepow

Thank you,

The Wepow Family