We had such a great time at the NACE 2015 conference – We are sad to see it is over!  If you have never attended NACE, it is THE event for college recruiting in the U.S. – three (packed) days of networking, innovation sessions and fun!

With over 2,000 attendees and 100+ exhibitors you may have missed a few things. We had a whole team there in sessions and on the expo floor and still feel like we barely scratched the surface.

Here are 3 highlights from this year’s event:

1. The expo hall is becoming more creative and the giveaways are intense! 

It is a lot of fun to explore booths – you can tell a lot about a company’s culture and often their product based on how interactive and engaging their booth team is.  A stack of handouts idling on a tablecloth no longer works. This was evident at the NACE conference. Many organizations used absurd props and eye-catching backdrops that got a lot of people to visit their booths. The booths that stood out to us the most are:

If creativity wasn’t what you were looking for, the giveaways ranged from Google Chromecasts to Apple watches, wireless speakers and even Converse All-stars.

2. Video Interviewing is popular

We had so many interesting visitors at our booth and for the first time ever, a majority of the companies we talked to had video interviewing on their agenda for 2015! This made our job a little easier and let our conversations get into the ROI of video interviewing faster. For instance, did you know video interviewing solutions can reduce a company’s time-to-hire by up to 60%? Of course, we know that video interviewing is not the answer to all recruiting needs, but the proof is in the success of clients. One of our clients, Danelle Dilibero, from RMS shared her insights on how video interviewing helped her hire college students more effectively in her Insight Lab at the conference. Over 50% of college hires this year are from Universities RMS never set foot on. If you didn’t get a chance to demo WePow or want to talk further – contact us!

3. Best Practices are evolving

The consistent message was on the importance of creating a streamlined process and strategy for both career services and corporate recruiting teams that uses best practices. More importantly the approach must reach key stakeholders and provide positive experiences and ROI for everyone.  The feedback was clear that more information and education on these issues is needed across the board.


We took all those into consideration and are launching a survey that focuses on College Hiring Trends. We enjoy educating ourselves through research and look forward to sharing insights about the evolution of career services and corporate recruiting teams. We would love for you to be a part of it. As a thank you, you will have free, early access to our whitepaper and be entered to win a Google Chromecast. You can also win a free 30-minute consultation on a topic of your choice with Accelir, a Talent Acquisition Consulting & Strategy firm.

Click here to participate in “College Hiring Trends” survey.

Look for the results early this summer!