15 Steps for building a more efficient pipeline of talent

Your recruiters’ pipeline is everything, it’s the difference between getting the role filled or making your other teams go short-handed as HR has to rush through the process and ends up with someone that isn’t a good fit. An all too familiar situation for companies that costs them thousands each year. Without a pipeline, recruiters will find themselves lagging to fill each and every position. Wasting time that could be spent closing on roles.

Good news is, building a strong pipeline is easier than ever with social media. Especially with sites like Linkedin that are built for professionals to keep in touch with one another. It doesn’t end there, there’s a host of strategies and tools that will build you a pipeline of talent and cut your time to fill in half. Each of the following was picked specifically because they provide results, set time aside to tackle each of the following.

  1. Automate resume screening

Automate resume screening

You know exactly what you need to look for, so why waste time? With the use of resume screening software, you’ll be able to screen every one of the resumes that come in for an open position, helping to guarantee you find the top choice. Not only that but when you’re giving every single candidate a chance, they’ll remember you from the companies that never even gave them a thank you email. So when a future position opens up that a past candidate would be a fit for, you know your employer brand will be in good standing.

Automated resume screening platform: Ideal.com

  1. Go to networking events

Sometimes you gotta be an extrovert and handle things in person. One way to do that is by going to networking events in and around your city so you have a group of professionals you can call on whenever you need them. And the best part is you get an immediate feel of their personality, so you already know they’ll be a good cultural fit.

  1. Respond to comments on Glassdoor

Respond to comments on Glassdoor

Responding to comments on your company’s Glassdoor reviews will shed some positive light for anyone that’s reading. One very important group of readers are active and passive candidates. With thought out responses that don’t come off as abrasive or standoffish, you’ll show that you don’t hold hard feelings to past employees. Giving you the chance to rehire past employees along with strengthening your employer brand.

  1. Video interviewing software

Why limit your pool of talent to the immediate area? Remote roles are cropping up everywhere, you never know when you’ll find yourself needing to fill a role with a virtual candidate. With video interviewing software, it’s as simple as recording your questions along with any helpful tidbits about the company, then sending them off to your candidates so they can record their responses. You’ll be able to interview more candidates in a fraction of the time. Candidates will appreciate the ease of use along with the progressive interview style of your company. You’ll stand out from past companies and will make candidates think twice when you reach out to them.

Video interviewing software platform: Wepow.com

  1. Conduct exit interviews

When an employee states that they’re leaving, it’s easy for a company to turn their backs up until they walk out of the door. In reality, employees on the way out are a wealth of knowledge that shouldn’t be passed on. And the best way of making the most of it is by conducting exit interviews that give you the chance of figuring out where the company lost them so you can ensure it doesn’t happen again. You’ll have a stronger shot with past employees along with getting a boost in your employer brand.

  1. Offer employees plenty of perks

Offer employees plenty of perks

At the end of the day, people talk. And you can bet that everyone working at your company is talking about their job to their family members, friends, church friends, etc. So you want to make sure they’re saying good stuff. The first step you can take is by offering perks like a healthy number of vacation days along with a maternity leave policy so your employees have plenty to brag about.

  1. Build a referral program

If your company is willing to pay employees a good sum, then they’ll be more than willing to suggest candidates for any open roles. And the best part is you get qualified, pre-approved candidates delivered to you.

  1. LinkedIn

The social media giant built specifically in mind for professionals is a great avenue for you to reach out and keep in touch with people you meet at events along with those you’ve worked with in the past. An easy way to stay at the top of their minds is by consistently updating their feeds with new positions along with any trending news in your industry. 

  1. Facebook groups & Twitter

Facebook groups & Twitter

Linkedin doesn’t get all the credit, Facebook groups are a great way to network with other professionals and to get the word out regarding new positions. Advertising on Twitter has also been shown to help a lot of companies in finding top-tier talent, so don’t skip out on it.

  1. College recruitment

Get them early on and you’ll have time to train them while they’re still in school. Just make sure not to put forth a half-hearted effort just because they’re students. The most talented students will have options and will be evaluating you just as much as you are them.

  1. Fix up your careers site

With a weak looking site or a site that isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll be crippling your employer brand. That’s why it’s important you spend time fixing it up so visitors make a good first impression of your company.

  1. Be more proactive with your searching

Be more proactive with your searching

Whether they’re employed or not, people appreciate hearing about open positions that fit their skills. That’s why you should take the initiative and let people know of open roles that would be a good fit. Social media platforms are great for this strategy.

  1. Use an applicant tracking system

A good applicant tracking system can expedite the entire hiring process from start to finish. Along with that, they store all of your past candidates so they can easily be referenced in the future.

Applicant tracking system: Greenhouse.io

  1. A.I. personal assistant

AI personal assistant

You may not have seen this one coming but it will definitely come to your aide. An A.I. personal assistant that’s able to schedule meetings for you so you can network with ease. Spend more hours doing your job and less worrying about catching up with your network and sending emails.

A.I. personal assistant software: x.ai

  1. Advertise on job boards

Everyone checks them and for good reason. Sites like Indeed are an invaluable resource for finding talent and for letting your existing network know of your new roles. Just make sure to hit them all and not to rely on one, the most effective are:

Use the above strategies to stay on track

The last thing you need is to be slacking on the most important part of your key to great talent. Work for their attention, and you’ll be rewarded in the long run.