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Wepow makes video interviewing simple, personal, and productive.

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How Wepow helps you

  • Engage your candidates
  • Reduce time to fill
  • Improve hiring manager satisfaction
  • Lower cost per hire
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Identify the right talent, faster

Extend your reach to a more diverse candidate pool and increase the productivity of your recruitment teams by replacing time-consuming phone screens. Our video interviewing software makes it possible to meet more candidates without reading more resumes.

Reduce your cost of recruitment

Focus only on qualified candidates and eliminate unnecessary costs associated with travel. Then, when it’s time to bring a finalist on site for an in-person interview, you can look forward to a better interview-to-hire ratio thanks to a more effective screening process.

Improve your decision-making

Evaluate candidates as a team, in real-time. By recording and sharing video interviews, and leaving feedback in a way that’s transparent and collaborative, your hiring teams will be ready to select the best candidates for your organization in an objective and bias-free way.

Wow your candidates with video interviewing!

  • Allow candidates to tell their story and show who they are beyond the resume – where their personality and qualifications can really shine!
  • Use branded video content to give candidates a sneak peak of your people, your culture, and all the things that make your company a great place to work.
  • Eliminate the hassle of scheduling and free up time for candidates and recruiters with a flexible and engaging interview experience.
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Tech Data

"The time saving has been enormous, allowing the recruiters to be more strategic and partner more effectively with our managers. I could not imagine recruiting in today's environment without having Wepow in my toolbox."
- Rosie Alonso, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Tech Data

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Experience a new way to connect with candidates and enjoy all the benefits of consistent, structured interviews. Our video interview technology not only streamlines the interview process, it levels the playing field for candidates. When combined with real-time evaluation tools, Wepow helps you increase objectivity in your recruiting process and reduce hiring bias.

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