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WePow video interviewing can be used for just about every step of your recruitment process. Clients most often use WePow’s pre-recorded video interviewing to replace the initial phone screen. WePow’s live and panel video interviewing solutions are often used for to expand recruitment efforts across geographical areas and reduce travel cost.
Absolutely not! In fact, WePow’s pre-recorded video interviewing tool helps create consistency and transparency in hiring processes. Here is how:

• Holds hiring managers and recruiters accountable for biased hiring decisions.
• Creates a level playing field for candidates through structured interviews
• Ensures record keeping of recruiting process

Learn more about how video interviewing is compliant with HR policies here.

Skype requires real-time communication while WePow offers pre-recorded interviews (asynchronous) in addition to live video interviewing. WePow also provides a consistent, branded experience that ensures all your candidates are responding to the same questions and are given the same experience.
WePow’s public API allows for a seamless integration with applicant tracking systems, assessment tools and other HR software. We are currently integrated with Taleo, Avature, and Greenhouse. Additional ATS integrations can be performed upon request.

A WePow interview is a pre-recorded video interview. An interviewer from the company you applied for has recorded a set of questions to get to know you better. You will use a webcam and microphone to record your answers to the screening questions. For a visual overview click here.
Completing a WePow video interview is simple:

  1. Click Interview Link – locate the interview link in the invitation email sent by the company you applied for.
  2. Set up equipment – follow the set up instructions.
  3. Practice Questions– To gain familiarity with video interviewing, you will be able to practice sample questions before the real interview.
  4. Take Interview – Questions will automatically be triggered to start once you click ‘Begin Interview”. Don’t worry, you will have set amount of time to think about each answer before recording your response.

If you have more questions learn more here.

  1. First verify that your network meets all the requirements
  2. Shut down all other programs to ensure the interview runs smoothly.
  3. Switch web browser either by updating you’re your current browser or using:
  • Chrome (preferred)
  • Firefox
  • Safari

If you have more questions learn more here.

WePow video interviews are easily accessible on IOS or Android mobile devices (i.e. smart phones, tablets, and laptops).

To access your interview click interview link in the invitation email you received from the company you applied to. The instruction screen will prompt you to download the WePow Candidate app from the App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device.

If you have issues accessing your interview on your IOS or Android device please click here

Have more questions about WePow Video Interviewing? Download our FAQ’s

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